The decision to potentially handle the administration of an Owner Operator fleet can be a difficult one. As an agent, you are expected to manage all the moving parts of an active program, and to do so efficiently, in real time and error free. Assuming those duties can potentially involve changes in your system, additional staffing and niche expertise. Managing such a process can be labor intensive and distract from your agency’s core competencies.

Our systems are specifically designed to handle the ongoing insurance administration needs of any Independent Contractor program.

By partnering with iCS, we become your “Turn Key Back Room” and you will experience:

  • Reduced friction with your customers regarding collection issues. We handle all the premium collections for you and assume the responsibility of any bad debt.
  • Decrease your time spent on administration, providing more hours to focus on new customers and revenue growth. Doing what you do well!
  • Reduction of your E&O exposure. We interact directly with your Motor Carrier client to handle monthly activity and monitor ongoing changes.

This administrative program is provided automatically for any policies you bind with us. You can also access our services on a “fee basis” for those accounts placed directly with other markets. We can truly be your back room!