iCS provides up to date, State by State monitoring of Independent Contractor rules and regulations. The classification of who is a true “Independent Contractor” varies greatly per statutory interpretation. Failure to properly comply with the ever changing definition of a contractor can result in costly audits and fines, potentially involving the Work Comp carrier and the IRS.

23 states have enacted specific language regarding the classification of a contractor. These states are easily identifiable today, but subject to change at any time. Various states operate under a “blanket approach” which deems Owner Operator truckers to be Independent Contractors. Still other states utilize a “multi factor” approach, which establishes specific criteria in their classification process.

Having iCS on your side, is the best way to assure that you have provided the proper and legal risk management advice to your Motor Carrier. While Workers Compensation offers the broadest protection, it also comes at a price; both financially and strategically. A Motor Carrier needs the proper layers of insulation to establish an effective and manageable Independent Contractor model. iCS will help you in that goal, and find the right insurance solution to match!